See Switzerland and Europe by sidecar. The Ural sidecar motorbike is a modern bike with retro style. Perfect for 2 to 3 people and all their gear to travel the back roads of Europe and experience all there is to offer in this beautiful part of the world.

Imagine cruising next to the Rhine seeing medieval castles rise up above you, or climbing alpine passes and reaching the top for some breathtaking views. Travelling over cobble stone streets or getting lost in the country side and seeing famous cathedrals appear on the horizon.

The Ural side car offers the thrill of a motorbike with a few advantages. Carry up to 3 people on your holiday. The side car has a luggage compartment and racks which allow you to carry more than you ever could on standard motorbike. Rough and rugged you can go down dirt tracks and out of the way places. With a reverse gear and two wheel drive this bike has it all.

Check out our video page for some videos from our friends that will show you the unique experience that is a Ural motorbike.

We offer simple packages with many extras to make your trip memorable and easy. Find out more on the rental page.

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