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Trans Euro Trail (TET) Belgium & Netherlands

Trans Euro Trail (TET) Belgium & Netherlands

Trans Euro Trail (TET) Belgium & Netherlands

I have just come back from a few days on the Trans Euro Trail (TET) Belgium & Netherlands. Thanks to the linesman who have organised this route we now have this amazing resource available to off road motorcycle enthusiasts, ADV and Adventure Bike riders. Below I have created two videos to give you a taste of what to expect on the TET in Belgium & Netherlands.

The first video is a short compilation highlighting some of the route, conditions, scenery and sights you will see on the way. While there are connecting sections between the dirt, there is plenty of offroad sections especially when you arrive in Holland where the trails seem to never stop.

The second video is a long play, POV headcam of the northern part of the track. It goes for about an hour and shows you the coordinates of the starting point. It allows you to skip through the video and see what to expect.

I went in April and the weather was pretty good. The ground was soft with muddy sections, but made for good riding. Highly reccomended now that the weather is getting better. Go pack up your Adventure Bike and get going. The food is good, the people friendly, good accommodation and best of all great riding.

Hope you enjoy.