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Swiss Motorcycle Tour – Hochwald

Swiss Motorcycle Tour – Hochwald

First of all, this tour is a variation of the Swiss Motorcycle Tour – Gempen Route. Like the Gempen route, this Swiss Motorbike Tour is a wonderful 1 hour circuit which leaves from central Basel and heads out to the hills around our great city. You will find the Google map links below. If you want the GPS track please contact us via our contact form.

Google maps link for this ride is here

We vary the tour by heading down the hill from the village of Hochwald. The alternative route is steep and winding and buried in the forest. It is a great ride.

If you want to  add some fun to the ride then at the end of the video where I tell you to turn left to go to the motorway, make a right hand turn. If you do this you will then head up hill again to Gempen. As per the previous post, this stretch of road is allot of fun and finished off by amazing panoramic views from the Swiss Alps and across to France and Germany.

Start your Swiss Motorcycle Tour

The tour starts the same way as Swiss Motorcycle Tour – Gempen Route. In the video after I overtake the tractor you turn a right to Gempen. In this video I go straight ahead and down the hill.

The footage you see is amazing scenery. In winter with the snow on the ground it is exceptionally beautiful. In spring and summer it is as beautiful but warm!! Come and take a look.

Swiss Motorcycle Rental with Koch ADV

I hope you enjoyed this short article. If you have any questions or are interested in renting our Ural Side Car Motorbike, please contact us for details. We will constantly add more articles to fill out our Swiss Motorcycle Tour section.

Swiss Motorcycle Tour Maps

Google maps link for this ride is here