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Swiss Motorcycle Tour – Gempen

Swiss Motorcycle Tour – Gempen

This is the first GPS Swiss Motorcycle Tour Route I am sharing near our motorcycle rental HQ in Basel. This Swiss Motorbike Tour is a great 1 hour circuit which leaves from central Basel and heads out to the hills around our great city. The Google map link is below, as is the map. If you want the GPS track please contact us via our contact form.

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On the ride you will climb up some loose twisties in the forest and up onto a plateau where the village of Seewen resides. Passing the Landgasthof Pony Ranch (https://www.pony-ranch.ch/), which is a mecca for bikers due to its easy parking, great food, coffee and chilled atmosphere, you take a very sharp left turn. This left turn is so sharp you need to move right into the turning bay, wait for traffic to clear, before executing the nearly 180 degree corner.

Swiss Motorcycle Tour Stop 1 - Pony Ranch Restaurant, Seewen, Switzerland
Pony Ranch Restaurant, Seewen, Switzerland

You then accelerate up through another set of twisties in the forest until you again pop out from between the trees onto another plateau and hit the town of Hochwald (while respecting the 50km per hour speed limit as you pass).

Hitting the accelerator you make the final approach up to Gempen. Gempen is one of the highest points in the Basel region which offers you 360 degree views from the Swiss Alps and across to France and Germany. Make sure you bring a 1 franc coin so you can pass the turnstile to the Gempen tower and get your uninterrupted view of the scenery.

Swiss Motorcycle Tour - Stop 2 - Gempen Restaurant and Tower
Gempen Restaurant and Tower

There is a restaurant here and the food and drinks are excellent. The service can be a bit slow in busy times, so make sure you leave plenty of time.

The next section of your Motorcycle Tour is possibly the best motorbike corners in the region and definitely the highlight of this Swiss Motorcycle Tour.  The stretch of road between Gempen and Dornach contains 8 tight corners in a 4km stretch. There is a big chance you will ride this stretch more than once. Many riders can spend all afternoon chasing these curves, and there is even a corner where people sit and watch the cars and bikes wiz by. A word of advice: take it easy on your first run as the corners are tight and steep and more than one motorbike has been destroyed here. Always ride within your limit and watch out for the push bike riders as this is a popular place for the pedal powered bikes.

After your descent you are on the freeway again and back to Basel.

I hope you enjoyed this short article. If you have any questions or are interested in renting our Ural Side Car Motorbike, please contact us for details. We will constantly add more articles to fill out our Swiss Motorcycle Tour section.

Google maps link for this ride is here