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Adventure Bike Packing Spreadsheet

Adventure Bike Packing Spreadsheet

Lists are the key to not forgetting a single item. Below is the spreadsheet I use to prepare for each multi-day trip to download. It does not take a lot of time and makes sure you don’t forget a thing.

A few points on how it is used:



Lists never forget

A good list is what keeps us organised. With ADV riding we each have a bunch of gear and we never want to forget an important item each time we go for a ride. By having a list, and importantly, using it, we can avoid this issue all together.

The spreadsheet below contains a list of my items and help me to never miss a thing.


Categorising the gear helps to break down a long long list into useful and independent groups. For example, I separate my cooking and sleeping gear into two categories called “Kitchen” and “Bedroom”. I have another for “Bathroom”, another for clothes, etc etc. Design categories that make sense to you and it allows you to manage your gear easily.

In addition I tend to pack some categories together. For example, my “Kitchen” is all bundled together, the cooker, utensils, plates, etc. When dinner time calls I can pull it out in one go.

Don’t delete a thing

Keep adding to the list and never delete it until you throw it out. This way you will build a full inventory of your gear and by reviewing the list before you leave it will jog your memory and prompt you to pack or to leave at home.

Organise your bike

In my list are the storage locations on the bike. This again, helps to easily pack and arrange your bike. It is also a good way to store your gear. Combining the list with pre-packed luggage can speed up packing and make it quick and easy to go on the trip.

Hope this helps, post comments below for any questions. Here is the spreadsheet:

Koch ADV Adventure Bike Packing List