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Ural Motorbike Rental

Here at Koch ADV we are beginning in 2018 with the rental of the Ural Motorbike, a motorbike with classic style that is built for today. We believe the Ural Motorbike offers you a unique way to experience the beautiful scenery of Switzerland with some very unique advantages. The Ural Motorbike is a side car motorbike, and indeed a side car rental gives you plenty of space to carry luggage and people, with up to three riders!! The Ural also has two wheel drive, a reverse gear and a luggage compartment in the rear.

European & Switzerland Motorbike Holidays

Our base is in Basel Switzerland known as the “dreil√§nderecke” or “three country corner” as Basel is situated right next to France and Germany with many scenic areas in easy reach. Contact us about your trip and we are glad to help you plan your trip and the sites worth visiting. Checkout our blog with plenty of tips and guides on riding in Europe and suggested itineraries.

From Basel the alps are a 90 minute ride away, the black forest is 15 minutes ride, the alsace 10 minutes, Colmar “the venice of France” 1 hour, and Strasbourg with its famous Cathedral 90 minutes. In between are many sites to explore of both natural and historical interest. For example the following are all within reach within a few hours ride:

  • Swiss alps including the famous high alpine passes
  • Swiss lakes
  • Historic City sites including UNESCO listed Bern (and home to Einstein), Geneva, Zurich and Basel.
  • Beautiful Alsace country side with its beautiful forests, castles, vineyards and the famous Cathedral in Strabourg.
  • The Black Forest with endless winding roads, beautiful scenery and excellent camping.

The Ural motorbike offers you the opportunity to both camp and stay in hotels. Mix it up with a few days roughing it followed by a luxurious hotel stay, or even a place with a comfortable bed. Load up the luggage rack with wood and create a fire in the campsite.

The Ural with its offroad ability allows you to explore some of the forest trails in France (offroad riding is not allowed in France and Germany), and some of the more secret routes where the Ural’s two wheel drive functionality will give you the grip you need, and usually in Switzerland at the top of the trail is a restaurant where you can enjoy the view with a meal or a coffee.

Motorbike rental with more

We try to give you the best experience with simple pricing with lots of kilometers included,very easy packages, lots of inclusions and personal advice to help you get the most out of your motorcycle holiday. For example our price includes:

  • 400km per day. This is the equivalent to nearly 5 hours driving on the scenic roads. Some days you will drive more, some days less, but this is the equivalent of 2,800km in a 7 day trip and will give you plenty of distance to explore where and how you want.
  • We include bike luggage including dry bags and other bags to help you store your gear on the bike. The bikes have plenty of racks and storage space allowing you to carry plenty of gear for your vacation.
  • We include camping gear for free! This includes a tent, sleeping mats and cooker (excluding gas). If you want to rent sleeping bags we offer them for a small charge as we need to keep them clean. You can also purchase gas for the cookers from us.

Plan your motorbike holiday with us

We want your holiday to be memorable. We want you to have an excellent holiday experience any time, but especially during 2018 as we start with the rental of the Ural Motorbike we are extra motivated to help. We are available on Skype and email to talk with you before your trip and answer any questions you might have. Contact us on our contact form here

Should you need some assistance or guiding during your vacation we are able to offer you a guiding service. This could be for one day or for the duration of your vacation. Please check the rental page for our prices.

About me

I am an Australian who has been living in Switzerland 13 years. Through this time I have explored the country on foot, bicycle and motorbike and am excited to offer others to opportunity to experience this beautiful country.

I have set up Koch Freizeit to allow others to enjoy Switzerland on their motorbike holiday via the renting of the Ural Motorbike.