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2018 Enduristan Gear Shopping

2018 Enduristan Gear Shopping

So yesterday I met Marc from MMD Adventures  and picked up some new gear. In this year’s stuff there is allot of Enduristan gear. Enduristan is a brand I have seen on the internet but one that I have never owned. That has now changed and I have a bunch of their stuff.  I will come back later this season and let you know how it performs, but at first glance, this is good looking, high quality and well thought out products.

My bike changed last year to a CB500X Level 3 Rally Raid.  I have the tail rack and side soft luggage racks on the bike with Rotopax. I was using Giant Loop Horseshoe bags and tank bag but the horseshoe bag no longer fits with the luggage racks and rotopax and, well, the tank bag is being binned.

The Giant Loop tank bag is was a disappointing purchase. There are many good things about this tank bag but those damned zips made it nearly unusable. At times I found it nearly impossible to attach the bag to the bike as the zips are very hard to align and I would find myself taking 5 to 10 minutes just trying to line them up. Another issue was quality, the zips started to get pretty tattered within the first week of use and contributed to the problem. I have experienced quality issues with a number of US brands, so lets see if the Swiss do any better.

So here is what was on the shopping list and links to the Enduristan website if you want to see more product shots and info.

Enduristan Tail Pack & Tornado Roll Bags

Enduristan Tail Pack
Marc from MMD Adventures showing the CB500X L3 Rally Raid with Enduristan Tail Pack and Tornado 32 litre Roll Bag

To replace the horse shoe bag and still have room for the roto packs, I have opted for the Tornado Roll bags. I bought the Large (51 litres) and the medium (32 litres).

Tomorrow I head off to do some of the Belgium and Netherlands TET and will be staying in hotels. The medium bag is fine for a change of clothes with plenty of room to spare.

The 51 litre bag is sitting on top of my cupboard at home filled with my camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, cooker, etc) and should be sufficient. The Giant Loop Great basin bag has a max volume of 68 litres and had sufficient volume for all the camping gear etc. for a week or so. The Enduristan bag is clearly shy of this, but with the tail pack added (that I could not have with the horsehoe bag) I have a total of 59 litres, which is not far off, we will see on my first camping trip of the season later this month.

A couple of the features I like are a) the shape: is a normal bag, so easy to arrange and access gear inside, b) Red lining: which makes it easy to see what is inside the bag as opposed to, say, a black lining, c) plenty of attachment points d) four closure points and roll top so is thoroughly waterproof.

One of the features I am not a fan of is the clear window on the side of the bag which is designed for a luggage tag. From one point of view it is quite clever as it allows you to add a name tag from inside the bag which ensure that your name tag is water proof. From a “toughness” perspective I think the clear window may be the most obvious point which will break and allow water inside the bag. We will see.

Link to Tornado Roll Bag
Link to Tail Pack

Enduristan Hurricane Backpack with HP03 Hydrapak

Enduristan Hurricane backpack
Me modelling the Enduristan Hurricane 15 litre backpack

This is a cool backpack! So a couple of quick features.

a) Waterproof: they use high quality zippers and the thing is completely waterproof.

b) Good fit and the straps are loooong! This allows you to put it on over any jacket and pretty much any body shape. Even John Candy could wear this one. The straps are well designed and fit to the body almost perfectly. Again, this is first impressions and I will give an update once I have worn it for a few days, but seems to be an excellent fit.

c) The water bladder sits outside the back pack (between your back and the bag) in its own liner. This means that god forbid you spring a leak, all your belongings stay dry.

I bought the 15 litre bag as it is a good size for a day ride. When the volume in the back pack is combined with the tail pack and the tank bag there is plenty of room for toolkit, go pro, food etc for a one day trip.

Link to Hurricane 15l Backpack

Enduristan Tool Roll

Enduristan Tool Roll
My partially filled Enduristan tool roll

Finally the tool roll. This is a great little product. Plenty of attachment points for tools, a zippered area with mesh for smaller items, and one feature which is very useful.

The panel on the right hand side is magnetised. This makes sure when you put a bolt down it will be there when you go to pick it up. But I am sure you know how magnets work.

Link to Enduristan Tool Roll